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Avoided watching Hannibal season 2 until now and augh it’s too good.

An assignment for a comics class.

A reminder to myself that I can draw

Haven’t posted anything lately, so here is a page of one of my unfinished Starman comics. I don’t know if I will ever finish it…


Let’s make Hershel a playable character in ssb please.

Sketches from the last couple of weeks

Augh last year of school Lets do this!!
Yo yo yo, lets finally play this game my fellow Americans!!!
Now this is more like it."Much better than the last one?"You have no idea…

About the best game ever

Also, thisimage

"Fawful?…Did you see that?"

"Fawlful?  Fire at will."

About the best game ever

Been playing Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga for the third time and noticing the way they try to make Luigi and Prince Peasley an item so much.
Like. look at Luigi…


They’re like a couple…image


Luigi crying about Prince Peasley going aloneimage

I can’t…

Someone on twitter, I don’t remember who, got a space shirt and I got jealous, so I drew myself in one.